Baoism is a Browser Extension for your spirituality…

Okay, first – let’s be clear… this isn’t actually a piece of tech – but it functions like that. Baoism is a syncretic liberation philosophy. What’s that mean? Well, it means that it lets you pick what works for you and the guru is who you choose to listen to – maybe your fifth grade teacher, maybe a spiritual teacher or well known prophet, or maybe you are the teacher (Bao Ji) of precious treasures to yourself.

Baoism ( has been in iterative development over many years as an attempt to bridge faiths, ideas, and teachings. In Baoism, you bring your own teachers. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your belief system to incorporate teaching that enhances your life – no matter where it comes from.

Baoism really is a kind of browser extension, an add-on – like a small piece of code you import to your safari browser that gives it super powers.

The idea is that any faith, any religion, any philosophy can add-on Baoism with no threat to the underlying faith, deities, or ideas and also that Baoism doesn’t empower some god, guru, or cult leader over the knowledge that resides within the individual. So in effect, a person could be a Baoist Hindu, a Baoist Buddhist, a Baoist Muslim, a Baoist Christian, or even a Baoist Satanist without threatening their underlying system – though, I think that like Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, and other liberation philosophies – one can’t begin to see the truth and still empower disempowering belief systems.

Given time and the right inputs – we all become beings without labels and the labels cease to exist.

Be Happy!

Welcome to Baoism.


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