The History of Baoism

Baoism is as old as humanity. Baoism is as new as the last breath you took.

Baoism has been brewing forever.

Bao Ji is a mythical figure who has wandered through time, giving glimpses of what the undiscovered country might look like. He appears to those who are seeking, not always in ways that a person might expect. He has no ethnicity and is ineffable. If you have been taught a profound insight by someone, they were channeling Bao Ji.

He is real, but unreal. Knowable but unknown. He may be a real figment of the imaginary.

Bao Ji

Baoism was most recently re-born as the first fork of Baldism, a self-described ridiculous religion that uses the absurd to open the way to the profound. Like Bao Ji – and all of us – Baoism has had many lives in many times and places, this is only the most recent incarnation.