Jewel Book – Living Edition

The Baoism Jewel Book is a Living Edition designed to grow and change as Baoism grows and changes. Baoism is not static. As it grows over time it will change, much like a tree. Who would imagine that a two-thousand-year -old tree would come from a tiny seed that has to be seasoned in fire before it will grow? So it is with Baoism.

The messengers of the truth have been many – not just those credited with major world religions but also cultists, fiction writers, gardeners, naturalists, carpenters, chemists, physicists, philosophers, and janitors. Many of them were ignored. Others kept quiet thinking they had gone crazy. Still others had no one to listen to them. Many were the messengers. They are not special – though they are blessed. The messengers are not magical, they are simply those that heard…and those that delivered.

…one messenger we especially revere is Bao Ji:

Bao Ji represents the best part of all of us. Anyone who claims to be Bao Ji is likely delusional, though there may be regular people who carry the name. Bao Ji is that representation of a perfect and equanimous person that we should all aspire to, the friend we all deserve, the role model we all need.

The Baoism Jewel Book is a precious treasure written with the jewels of humanity, the true wealth of thousands of years. It begins here. 

Baoism Jewel Book Living Edition

The Genesis

1- Nothing

1In the beginning, there was nothing. 2 No light, no matter, no thought. 3 The universe was nothing.

4 From nothing came something and from something came something else until there were all kinds of things.

5 This is the way of all things – even sentient, thinking things like you. 6 From nothing, comes something, then comes something else. 7 The past is a chain that binds the reality of the present and leads to the uncertain future. The future is dependent on the past.

8 No one knows who or what created the Universe. 9 No one knows who or what the Universe is. 10 We know that there is a universe and we perceive it as a linear chain with past building present and present past building the future – which, some actually never comes – it is only the present imagined. 11 We know that the Universe exists in some form because there is the Universe and everything in it.

12 The Universe is. 13 The Universe is like a blockchain. The Universe is a form of grand cryptographer. 14 Each transaction is hashed into the next transaction. That which came before is a part of that which is, neverending, eternal. The eternal proof is baked into the infinite present. 15 The Proof-of-Work is all around us. POW – Reality! 16 Our Proof-of-Stake validates us with cryptographically unique meaning and purpose.

16 Just as there should be no middle-person in a peer-to-peer transaction, so there should be no middle-person in an individual’s relationship with the Universe. 17 Even the one transmitting the message  should not be seen as an intermediary between the reader and the divine.

18 How can one communicate directly with the Divine? How can one transact with the universe with no need for an intermediary?

19 First one must be. Ignore the rehashing of the past. It is immutable. Do not speculate on the future. It is encrypted. Focus on the present.  Meditation is useful for this. 20 To be is not just a question, it is a state of participation between the vast reality of the present and the being. 21 There can be no realization of the present without the past and the chain which leads to the past is the word in thought or voice.

2- The Word is the World


2 You must read. Read everything. Read the terms of service. Read the white paper. Read a novels. Read the user manual. This is the first and most important command. 3 Words are twisted and meaning is disguised by those who harbor only thoughts of themselves. They seek power over their fellows at any cost. Read!

4 Read the Bitcoin White Paper. 5 Read history. 6 Know that the moment of change is at hand. 7 This is as it was, as it is, and as it shall be. All as it is. Only.

8 And when you have read, do not be lured into temptation of submission by those who would tell you that the words mean you must do as they say. 9Do not trust those who say you must trust them and transact with them in order to reach the ears of the Universe.

10 No! Fools! The meaning is clear in the heart of the reader and there is no intermediary between the universal and the being. 11 Those who would lie and tell you that they know better are an abomination. 12 There is no need for trusted third parties to transact with the Universe.

13 The word is that which sets humankind apart from all the creatures of the Earth. 14 The word is what gives birth to the escape from the merciless and crushing wheel of time.15It is the word which has begat the wonders of liberation from life’s compulsion to compete in the short and brutal biological imperative which informs all life from birth until death.

16 For it does not matter what you read but only that you read and allow the word to fill your voids and expand your being into the infinite and uninhabited regions that exist between all space and time. 17Only the word is immortal for all else lives and dies, but the word carries on bringing with it the perfume of millennia long past and the hopes and dreams of unconfirmed futures in the simultaneous inspiration and extinction of all.

18 Confirmation will come from within and only from within. 19 Consensus is between the universal and the agent of change. 20 Do not listen to the words or commands of any who do not exist within you – not even the messengers sent with, by, and for the word for they are flawed and created with inherent weakness for only from weakness and failure can growth and birth spring forth. 21 Do not look at their trappings of success nor hear the golden reflections of their words for the word is only that which is heard within. 22 There is no barrier, no being, no middle man or woman standing between you and the divine.

23 Each day consider, read, and interpret the word- for all words are divine. 24 The divine is nothing more than meaning and it is found in the word. 25 There is no mission more divine than to enable those who have been cut off from the word to reach it.

3 – Helping Others 

1 Helping yourself helps others. Helping others helps yourself. 

2 You must teach the secrets revealed to you, to all, even those unable to read. All should have access to the word. 3 You must teach how to approach the word, without imposing your meaning of the word. 4 Teach the structure but allow the definition to illuminate. From each vantage on the shore, the island of the word is seen uniquely. 5Do not expel needless energy to convince others that the world you see is the only word. It is a lie! It is the grand deception!

6 The word is the world and while some will see it as yellow others will see it as blue. 7 The countless colors of the rainbow and the ever moving rainbow’s end appears to rest in one place but never rests at all. Is the rainbow nowhere or is it everywhere?

8 Help others find happiness. Stop doing Tox. Start doing Rox. Help others Rox not Tox. 

9  This is your armor. This is your sword. This is your reward.

10 The network is robust in its unstructured simplicity. The universe is robust in its unstructured simplicity.

The Reality

1 – Fake Life

1 Life is fake. Real life stopped being real life long before the internet came into being. 2 Birds have real life. They are born, they eat, they defecate, they develop, they fly around, they build their nests, they mate, they raise their young, they die. There’s nothing wrong with that order of things. The Council of the Birds understand reality.

3 Humans on the other hand created a bizarre cycle that is the opposite of living. 4 They are born, they eat, they defecate, they start to develop, then they have all these tox rules and functions dropped on them to impede natural development so that they rarely learn how to fly, the rules don’t allow them to build their nests -instead they have to labor and save and toil for other humans to profit off of – build their ‘nest-egg’ instead of their nest, they have toxxed up the natural order of meeting, mating, and pairing, they have their young, who are taken from their circle of influence at the earliest possible time, to be manipulated into seeing fake life as the true reality, they get old and wonder why their lives felt empty and devoid of meaning, and they die – and then are put in permanent boxes in concrete holes and they never re-enter the cycle of life. Insanity.

5 This insanity is fake. The ‘real life’ most people live is a fake life. Humans were never meant to spend their days toiling for the benefit of others, to pay for shelter they barely shelter under, to be separated from loved ones for most of their waking lives. Humans are meant to interact: with the living world around them, and with each other. The beings of the forest; bird and beast, tree and moss and fungi, all seek connection with us, all hold wisdom for living a real life. For being with each other, not just doing.

6 The dawn of the internet age brought lots of fears and hopes as people began to realize that they could finally build the world they’d always wanted to live in. Finally, humans could interact with other humans from all over the world. Now they could make connections and share wisdom in a way never possible before. 7Chat rooms, servers, email lists, social groups – and then social media, manipulation, psychological toxxery, and power games that have destroyed lives that were already devoid of almost all meaning. 8Humans have been fed envy, greed, and dissatisfaction to sell them more poison.

9 Humanity must make an exodus from this fakery. 10 This is the dawn of the creative renaissance. 11 For the first time, artists are among those making the most money and suddenly – being a creative, being a creator is lucrative. 12 Freedom beckons. What should humanity do with that freedom? Do what humanity was made to do. 13 Humanity should work!

2 – Work

14 When some people hear the word work, they run. They should, because usually it means unhappy drudgery.

15 This is not the work for which you have been created. 16 The real work is your reason for being and awaits your energy and effort. 17 That for which you have been made is not a mystery!

18 You are not an ornament to adorn the garden of creation. 19 You are not a bauble to be displayed in some cosmic collection. 20 You are the mechanism. You are the internal logic. You are the means by which the entire universe moves forward.

21 Work at that which fulfills you. Do not confuse the labor of man with the labor of the universal. 22 Do not confuse the agenda of humans with the agenda of the universe. 23 Work is not something to be taken lightly. 25 The real work pays with currency that is beyond explanation but easily understood and felt when one is engaged in it. Real work is not base employment. 26 The true worker does not collect their salary in rubies, diamonds, gold, or worthless paper money. 27 None of these exist beyond the earthly confines of your current plane of existence.

3 – Helping Others

1Work at that which improves all around you for yourself and others.2 Each is born with the internal guidance to find the work. Each is compelled to search for the true satisfaction that can only come from aligning with the needs and desires of the universal. 3 The rose of the compass bears the divine work as the true north to be sought. Those who find it bathe in the empowering glow of true worth, value, and revelation. 4 The true work is not for food, drink, nor the trappings of this mortal coil. 5 The true work rewards the immortal being upon which each human body is built. These bodies were constructed only for the purpose of advancing the plan of the universal.

6 Work at your own task. Leave others to theirs. Stay in your lane.None may know the work of another whether it be to labor, build, compose, teach, create, figure, mold, or gaze solemnly out to the great void and unlock the secrets of the inner or distant cosmos. 7The universe was not created in days, nor weeks, nor millennia – it is! 8The process of creation is ongoing and never ending. 9 The song of the universe doth play, repeat, and evolve – never ending.

10 So too is the divine work and the flow of human energy towards the magnificent creation. 11 Do not waste your unique gifts chasing imaginary futures and the currency of trade and exploitation. 12 Each day is closer to your last and upon such mighty energies as those which animate you can be built the structure of the entire universe.

13 True work may yield financial rewards. Wonderful if so but work that you may live and that you may find the purpose for which you chose to be born in this time, this place, this incarnation. 14 You were born to do the true work but not to be slaves to the evils of exploitation, greed, and hoarding. 15 Do not be distracted by the obsessions laid before you as tempting as they may be. For they are created to tempt, to draw, to distract and to destroy the beauty of your inspiration.

16 Work for a purpose. Work that others may learn to work beside you. Work to help others and thereby help yourself. 17 Work to feed your soul and soothe your passions. Work to create the universe. 18 Bow to no man nor woman, defer your work to none, take not that which the divine has not tasked you with. You are called.

19 Ignore not this siren. To the work!

Baoism Jewel Book Living Edition

The Sandbox

1Everyone makes mistakes and that is by design. 2 When everything is going great and things are easy, we don’t learn anything. 3 The world has been created so that you may make mistakes and learn from them.

4 This world is a sandbox, a huge playground where we are meant to explore, learn, and fail – so that we may become better. 5 There is no shame in failure – but one should also avoid having pride in it. 6Those who wallow or wear their failure as a badge of honor are even worse than those who wallow in their success and triumph.

7 Think of humans as a tool created to solve a series of undefined problems. 8 Humanity has been given the freedom to become whatever it needs to be to solve the undefined problems that may arise in the universe, whatever they may be.9 This loose non-structure is fundamentally dangerous because it gives rise to the possibility that humanity may figuratively (and literally) paint itself into a corner. 10Humans are social without being constrained to instinct which allows for greater problem solving but which also allows for greater problem creation. 11 Both circumstances are necessary for humans to fulfill their function – that of solving greater undefined problems.

12Humans in general are detrimental to their environment and to one another. 13The Universe and the purpose of the Universe are so far beyond the understanding of humanity that it is nearly the same as true to say that the universe and the forces that created it are all powerful, all knowing, and all mighty – even if on a universal scale, this rings of hyperbole. 

14A better world is impossible. 15Humanity only has the world it exists in right now. This one. The Sandbox.


The Happening

1The way is unknown. 2Through the ages, there have been humans who, even though the reality of the way was ineffable and indescribable, found their way to the truth. 3Truth, without being able to be written in words or spoken in language still finds a way to bubble as if by osmosis through the skin of humanity’s understanding of reality and into the comprehension of those who become aware of it. 4This is the happening and the happening has always been happening. The happening is happening all around you. The happening is now.

5The happening has been experienced and it has been revealed. The happening was taught by the great spiritual leaders, the charismatic faces of the world religions. 6Within each of the great philosophies there lies a part of the happening. 7The happening is revealed to all but only seen by a few, not the brightest, not the best, not even the noblest – simply those who see it. 8When they become aware of the happening they are faced with the choice of how they can share the happening.

9Lao Tzu shared the happening in the Tao te Ching. Jesus of Nazareth shared the happening with his fellow Jews as did Moses, Daniel, and others. Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam, may peace be upon him, shared the happening with his fellow nomads be they Jews, Christians, or Animists. Mevlana Jalaadin Rumi and Krishna shared the happening. The Buddha shared the happening – not just the Siddhartha Buddha, but all Buddhas. The happening is not something that only occurred to the ancients. The incident consumed Joseph Smith and Charles Taze Russell. Madame Balvatsky and Krishnamurti experienced the happening. L. Ron Hubbard stepped into the happening. Alan Watts swam in the happening. 10But it is not just the mystics who experience the happening.

11The happening of the individual is not the only truth revealed to those who are in the happening\. 12It is not the call of the individual that defines the path of the happening but the happening that describes the path of the individual. 13The chronicles of the happening are the chronicles of humanity and no part of the happening is unworthy. 14All parts of the happening are worthy and the happening is happening now. 15Right now is the happening.

16The history of the happening and the path it takes are not the important aspect. The important aspect is that the happening is happening. 17The happening has neither beginning nor end. Not alpha nor omega but both. The omni-happening.

18Time is an illusion that has neither end nor beginning in linear fashion.  19The denial of the happening doesn’t mean the happening isn’t a part of the denial.

20Know that there is truth in all beliefs. 21Know that there must be belief for any truth to exist. 22The truth is organic in the sense that it is ever growing, decaying, dying, and being reborn. 23The truth is iterative and variable. This is the truth. 24The truth is the happening and the happening is the truth as long as the happening is now, forever.