Holidays in Baoism

In Baoism we don’t officially celebrate nations, individuals, or government related holidays. If you choose to celebrate those, no problem but we find them to be counterproductive and boring – that being said, you should still take the day or weekend off for any holiday if you can – especially if you can do so with pay. These are the official holidays of Baoism – presented in the standard calendar format for ease of recommendation. We aim to eventually have a year filled with 365 holidays.

Happy Bao Day – Baoism was launched on December 27th. That makes December 27th Happy Bao Day. Celebrate by being a Baoist. The world, those you love, and you – will thank you for getting BJRNT (pronounced ‘burnt’)  today. BJRNT stands for Bao Ji Rox Not Tox (Bao Ji = be a teacher of good things, Rox – do good things, Not Tox – stop doing bad things). Even being a little BJRNT makes the whole world a better place. If you want to go really crazy with BJRNT – learn to walk on coals or write a list of Tox you want to get rid of and then burn it.  Looking to celebrate with a meal? Steam buns are the way to go on Bao Day.

Full Moon Days – In Baoism, every full moon is a reason to celebrate and take an extra day off. If you love your work, you can do it anytime. If you don’t love your work, the full moon is a great time to take a break from it. When we look at the full moon, we see all kinds of compassionate Bao Ji encouraging us to work for enjoyment, not for employment.

Reflections Week (December 24-January 2nd)  The changing of the year is a significant period in Baoism. Reflections Week encourages reflection on the previous year, spending quality time with friends and family, exchanging gifts, and setting happiness goals for the coming year. There are plenty of holidays to celebrate in this week – including some Baoist ones. It’s a time to cram in as much love and happiness into your life as possible, creating a positive transition into the new year. Some Baoists look for natural reflections in the natural world or share photos of literal reflections to celebrate this holiday period.

New Year Day – (January 1st).The first day of the year. This is a good day to drink plenty of water, take a nice walk in nature, and remind yourself of your mantra “Stop doing bad things, start doing good things, and help others stop doing bad things and start doing good things.” Focus on Rox, not Tox.

Block Day – (January 3rd) was when the first Bitcoin block was mined. The first true blockchain transaction with the potential of liberating humanity from middle-men. Celebrate with an urban hike through city blocks and by buying a little bit of crypto for yourself or those you care about. Small gifts matter. Sometimes small gifts grow to big gifts.

Ukulele Day – (February 2nd) On this day we play ukulele with friends and plan trips to Hawai’i. We practice aloha on this day and on Ukulele Day every practitioner of Baoism is an ambassador of aloha to the world. This is a great day to give the gift of ukulele. If you are an expert, it’s a great day to give free lessons!

Pi Day – (March 14th) is World Pi Day. On this day we celebrate math and eat pie. Sharing pie with math lovers is a very Baoist thing to do. If you are baking pies, cut the pi symbol in the top of your pie!

(A note for Baoists south of the equator, the equinox holidays are switched due to the seasons being opposite)

Garden Day aka Spring Equinox – Generally around (March 21st) Do some gardening, get outside, feel the soil under your bare feet. Review your goals and aspirations for the year. Meditate on happiness. Gather with friends.

Bao Ji Day – (April 1st) has a time honored tradition of pranks and jokes. Baoists have adopted this day as teacher day. Every Bao Ji is the ultimate teacher and the ultimate Fool. Just like the Fool in the tarot deck – a Bao Ji steps into the unknown on a journey of transformation – that’s what teaching is. The day is celebrated with jokes, pranks, tarot readings, and bowing to one another in silly and serious ways. Be foolish on Bao Ji Day. 

May Day – (May 1st) is a day to celebrate workers of the world and all they do. It’s a day to fight exploitation and wage slavery. If you have a job, take this day off. In Baoism, if you have a job, May 1st is the day you call in sick for religious reasons.

Pizza Day – Pizza deserves to be celebrated. (May 22nd) is the day the first official transaction with Bitcoin took place. Two large pizzas for 10,000 BTC. We celebrate these very expensive pies by eating pizza and buying pizza for others. This is a great day to buy an extra pizza and give it to someone who doesn’t have one.

Bonfire Day aka Summer Solstice (north) Winter Solstice (south) – Generally around (June 21st) This is a great day for bonfires. Also a good day to review progress on annual goals and aspirations. Dancing barefoot outside is encouraged on this day.

Video Games Day – (July 8th) is a celebration of video games and digital culture. On this day you should play old and new video games. We recommend playing free games or games you already own but if you have a favorite game or want to start a new one – this is the day to do it. For those who are able, we recommend leaving some tokens or quarters on the machine for the next player.

Reading Day – (August 9th) This is a day to read and celebrate literacy. It’s tradition to give away books on this day.

Fast Month – Check with Muslim friends because it is via the Islamic Calendar and varies from year to year. It’s fun to fast for Ramadan and you can fast however it works best for you. In Baoism, we don’t officially celebrate all the religious events of Ramadan, but you can (of course) if you want to – or you can just fast. Actually you can fast any time – but it really is better with friends.

(A note for Baoists  south of the equator, the equinox holidays are switched south of the equator due to the seasons being opposite)

Potluck Day aka Autumn Equinox- Generally around (September 21st) Another checkpoint for annual goals and aspirations. This is a wonderful time to enjoy fresh, local food with friends and families. A potluck dinner is highly encouraged.

Skeptics Day – (October 13th) In Baoism this is an important holiday. On this day we question everything. We question our governments, our beliefs, our influences. Even Baoism itself. On October 13th you should at the very least ask yourself why you are asking yourself about Baoism.

Bit-ween Day – (October 31st) The day Satoshi Nakamoto released the white paper and traditional Halloween. This is a day of liberation and hiding behind masks. Celebrate by wearing an Anonymous mask for Halloween and letting loose with friends. It is the day between the seasons.

Buy Nothing Day – (November 26th) On this day we don’t buy stuff. The idea is that everyone should have the day off and if no one is buying anything then there is no reason for anyone to be working or doing business. The Rox pros have even flipped it around to where this is a huge day of GIVING!

Graffiti Day aka Winter Solstice (north) and Summer Solstice (south) – Generally around (December 21st) This is the final check in on annual goals and aspirations. Spend some time seeing where you did or did not succeed in your year. Winter Solstice is also known as the festival of graffiti and street art in Baoism. This is a wonderful time to create art with stencils, spray paint, chalk or other materials – preferably in the outdoors where it is visible to all. Some Baoist Artists use this time to make new Baoist or Bao Ji stencils or styles.