A syncretic philosophy for everyone

Baoism is a nature & holiday focused spiritual philosophy that is designed for human happiness

*Syncretism is defined as the combination of different forms of belief or practice

A passion for simplicity

Our philosophy is simple and fun. Stop doing bad things.

Start doing good things. Help others stop doing bad things

and start doing good things. Be Happy.

Don’t be a Tox

This is our only ‘don’t’ commandment. A tox is a person who is poisonous towards themselves, others, the planet, or reality in general.

Do Rox. Be Rox.

Rox are deeds and people that benefit other people. Rox are the good things we mention in do good things – Rox are also the people who do Rox.

Experience Nature

Humans were not designed to live in boxes and work in cubicles. We believe in the power of nature. Get outside!

Celebrate with Us

Baoists believe in holidays. We believe in the power of celebration with others. Our holidays are healthy, fun, and plentiful.

The Power of Art & Creation

In Baoism we believe that humans are made to be creative. Art is a spiritual practice, you don’t have to be good at it. Create something.

Empowerment through Tech

We believe that technology can be art. It can be Rox to help us achieve wonders and escape Tox. It can also be destructive. The line is fine.

Natural Cycles

In Baoism, we believe in the power of nature. As such we celebrate sunrise and sunset. We celebrate important holidays on every full moon and during the solstice and equinox.

Taking Time Off

  • Employment should be enjoyment.
  • Drudgery is Tox.
  • We aim to find economic liberation for all.

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Baoism is a spiritual philosophy that embraces today’s technology, nature, and useful spiritual practices of diverse belief systems.

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